WhoSentHack.com makes your Sarahah messages not so anonymous..

Sarahah has been taking the world by the storm. This mobile app can be linked up with the heavily popular photo messaging app snapchat. The premise of the Sarah app is that it allows people to send messages anonymously. It has quickly caught on and is definitely one of the most popular apps currently as can be seen by its high position in the app store.

An exploit has been discovered for this application. You can find this exploit on WhoSentHack.com. From this website you are able to see exactly which person has been sending anonymous messages from the app. Essentially it means that you can secretly identify the specific person who has been sending messages without them finding out about it. We’ll let you decide what you want to do with exploit…

WhoSentHack.com have also managed to use this exploit within the Sarah application to gather many usernames and details about the users of the app. This database is very powerful indeed because it has the details of prominent users of social media, which would therefore be an excellent marketing and promotion tool for a wide range of products. This is a hugely useful exploit because of the marketing potential it brings to your business and social media platforms.

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